Randy Hall is the CEO and Founder of Securafy Inc. With over 40 years of experience in the IT industry, Randy has held various roles such as network engineer, security engineer, solutions expert, and chief information officer.

Throughout his career, Randy has founded a national depot repair center named Haltronics Inc, as well as started and sold a number of managed service companies like Worldlan Technology and One World Technology. He has also acquired several smaller companies before founding Securafy Inc, a Managed Security Services Company specializing in cybersecurity, compliance, risk management, and managed services.

Randy is a frequent speaker and instructor at national IT events, having worked with thousands of businesses across several continents, ranging from startups and small to medium-sized businesses to large enterprises and the US government.

Securafy Inc, as a Managed Security Service Provider, serves central Ohio to Northern Ohio, with offices in Columbus and Cleveland. The company specializes in cybersecurity and compliance, focusing on CIS, NIST, CMMC, PCI, and HIPAA compliance.

Outside of work, Randy is passionate about boating and can often be found enjoying his 38-foot Chris Craft on Lake Erie.

Rodney Hall serves as the President and Operations Manager at Securafy Inc., overseeing the service department operations, customer relationships, and security. With nearly 17 years of experience in managing IT teams, Rodney brings a wealth of expertise to his role.

In his previous roles, Rodney managed several IT teams for Cerner ITWork site located at Southwest General Health Care, where he provided leadership on IT policy and oversight for healthcare information governance, compliance, departmental policy, clinical Imaging, telemetry integration solutions, security, and finance systems. He specializes in compliance and security, with a focus on adapting to new changes and requirements.

Rodney's key skills include the ability to adapt to new changes and requirements, along with a strong commitment to continuous learning and research in cybersecurity. He believes that educating clients is just as important as staying updated with cybersecurity threats.

At Securafy, Rodney contributes to the company's mission by managing the service team and bringing new solutions and automation to help keep customers secure online anywhere and anytime. He has led notable projects in rolling out security and compliance solutions for hospitals and managing PCI compliance projects for multiple clients.

Outside of work, Rodney enjoys home improvement, woodworking, and dirt bike riding. His personal and professional goal is to provide the best possible security for his customers and help them meet their compliance needs.

Contact Rodney at Rod.Hall@Securafy.com or through his Calendly link https://calendly.com/rod-hall for inquiries or to discuss security and compliance solutions for your business.

Brandon Hall holds the position of Service Manager at Securafy Inc., where he plays a critical role in ensuring smooth operations and exceptional service delivery to clients. His responsibilities encompass managing all incoming calls, client-submitted tickets, technician schedules, onsite work, TR installs, and scheduling for client onsite project work.

With a specialization in maintaining client relationships, Brandon excels in fostering positive connections and providing top-notch support to clients. He believes in treating clients with the same respect and consideration that he would expect in return. Additionally, Brandon values and respects his fellow employees, understanding the importance of a supportive and collaborative work environment.

Brandon's work philosophy revolves around the golden rule: treating clients as he would like to be treated. He believes that building strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect is key to delivering exceptional service and ensuring client satisfaction.

As the Service Manager at Securafy, Brandon is committed to upholding these principles and ensuring that both clients and fellow employees feel valued and respected in every interaction.

Jillian Oco is the Marketing Director for Securafy Inc., bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the role. With a background in running global marketing teams, website, and content management, Jillian has honed her skills in SEO, email marketing, and crafting effective marketing strategies.

Jillian is a lifelong learner, holding certificates from IIDM, Google, and DigitalMarketer.com. She is also a certified digital marketing and content strategist, always seeking to expand her knowledge and skills in the ever-evolving field of marketing.

In addition to her professional achievements, Jillian has a passion for offline adventures, having explored Asia and settled near the ocean in the Philippines. Her love for data analysis makes her a valuable asset to the team, as she excels at extracting insights to inform strategic decisions.

Jillian is known for her clear communication, collaborative spirit, and willingness to roll up her sleeves to get things done. Whether it's creating a social media plan or crafting a catchy copy, Jillian's creative prowess and dedication to excellence shine through in all aspects of her work.

In her spare time, Jillian enjoys soaking up the sun by the beach, gaming, scrapbooking and traveling with her small family. Her commitment to learning and growth, coupled with her passion for marketing, make her a valuable asset to the Securafy team.

Ralph Laurence Reyes is a dedicated Microsoft 365 Specialist at Securafy Inc., leveraging his expertise to provide tailored recommendations and streamline processes related to Microsoft 365 for clients. With a focus on optimizing efficiency and security, Ralph plays a crucial role in ensuring that businesses can harness the full potential of Microsoft 365.

With a background as a Microsoft 365 Specialist, Ralph brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his current role. He holds several certifications, including Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert, Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate (MS 700), Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certified (AZ 900), Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Certified (MS 900), and Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals (SC 900).

Ralph's key skills include adaptability, excellent listening skills, leadership, reliability, and being highly trainable. He excels in written and verbal communication, multitasking, and personal financial planning/management. Ralph's work philosophy emphasizes continuous learning as the key to success in the ever-evolving field of IT and cybersecurity.

Outside of work, Ralph is a musician, rider/driver, and enjoys video editing/compiling. He is passionate about travel, great food, financial literacy, and table tennis. In his professional endeavors, Ralph aspires to become a System Administrator and aims to acquire more certifications relevant to his career.

Ralph's approach to cybersecurity aligns with Securafy's mission and goals, focusing on building and maintaining strong client relationships through his expertise and dedication to excellence.

Jose Delos Reyes is the Senior Graphic Designer at Securafy Inc., bringing a creative flair and a keen eye for design to the team. With a focus on design-related tasks and the overall branding approach of the company, Jose plays a pivotal role in shaping Securafy's visual identity.

Prior to joining Securafy, Jose has had extensive experience in branding and graphic design, with a specialization in Web UI. His creativity and attention to detail have helped him excel in creating visually stunning designs that resonate with audiences.

Jose's key skills include proficiency in graphic design software, a strong understanding of branding principles, and a passion for creating impactful visual experiences. His work philosophy emphasizes the importance of creativity, collaboration, and continuous learning in achieving design excellence.

At Securafy, Jose contributes to the company's mission and goals by creating visually compelling designs that effectively communicate the brand's message. His ability to translate complex ideas into visually appealing designs helps strengthen Securafy's brand presence and market position.

Outside of work, Jose enjoys surfing, music, and exploring new creative pursuits. His passion for design extends beyond the office, as he is always looking for new ways to innovate and inspire through his work.

Natalie Juntado is Securafy's Digital Marketing expert. She leverages her experience in digital marketing to support the company’s marketing initiatives.

Natalie’s responsibilities include optimizing marketing channels, overseeing campaigns, managing ad accounts, and enhancing social media presence. Certified in Google Ads Management and Six Sigma Project Management, her specializations include Project Management, Campaign Management, Web Development, and Conversion Rate Optimization. She is skilled in Data Behavioral Analysis, Content, and Social Media Management.

Guided by values of excellence, adaptability, and integrity, Natalie aims to drive growth at Securafy through data-informed strategies and innovative marketing. She initiated a community for individuals with chronic diseases in her previous role, providing free medical consultations and supplements. Outside work, she enjoys badminton, tennis, and mountain road trips. Natalie aspires to understand cybersecurity complexities and contribute to security strategies.

Augusto De Los Santos Jr. (Sky) is the Lead Manager at Securafy, where his responsibilities include setting up lead generation channels to maximize reach and optimize conversion rates, and playing a pivotal role in maintaining a responsive and dynamic marketing strategy that supports sales objectives.

Sky's previous experience includes serving as a Technical Support Supervisor at a major U.S. Telco company, where he managed field technicians in the installation and troubleshooting of home security systems, including cameras, sensors, zones, doorbells, and detectors.

Sky's expertise spans team management, lead generation, data analysis, customer support, and more. He is committed to Securafy's mission of keeping clients secure across all devices by ensuring precise and effective lead targeting. His proactive approach to cybersecurity emphasizes continuous improvement and teamwork. Outside of work, Sky enjoys playing PS5 with his child and actively volunteers in his community, organizing projects and feeding programs.

His dedication to building and maintaining client relationships is rooted in communication, trust, and exceptional service, aiming for long-term partnerships and continuous adaptation to clients' needs.

Justin Swickard serves as a Network Administrator at Securafy, where he plays a crucial role in resolving technical issues and ensuring efficient problem resolution. With over 16 years of experience in Information Technology, Justin brings a wealth of expertise to the team. As a Level 2 Network Administrator, his responsibilities include maintaining network infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance, and addressing any network-related challenges promptly. Justin's extensive experience and deep understanding of IT systems enable him to effectively support Securafy’s mission to provide robust and reliable technical solutions to Business Owners.

Mark Zerna is a dedicated Helpdesk Technician at Securafy, providing comprehensive support for mobile, desktop, and server issues both on-site and remotely. With a background in MSP roles and extensive experience as an IT Service Desk Engineer and Technical Support Representative, Mark excels in user account management, Active Directory, and O365 administration. His technical proficiency, customer-centric approach, and adaptability make him a valuable asset to Securafy.

Committed to client satisfaction, Mark actively listens to client needs, ensuring efficient problem resolution to minimize disruptions. His notable projects include a full cloud account migration in Azure Active Directory and implementing MFA security keys for a home care support client. Outside of work, Mark enjoys family time, watching movies and TV series, listening to music, and playing computer games. He aims to become a SOC analyst or a cloud cybersecurity analyst in the future, leveraging his deep understanding of cybersecurity best practices and threat landscapes.

Tom Bak serves as a Level 2 Network Support Specialist at Securafy, where he diligently addresses the IT and security needs of small and mid-sized businesses. With a solid background as a desktop technician for local hospitals and schools, Tom brings 13 years of expertise in troubleshooting technical issues. Certified as an A+, Net+, and Microsoft Certified Professional, he specializes in Microsoft products, servers, and various third-party applications.

Tom's approach to cybersecurity is comprehensive, focusing on 360-degree solutions to anticipate, prevent, protect, detect, respond, and recover from threats. He has significantly contributed to Securafy’s mission by implementing firewall and network infrastructure solutions for a U.S.-based company supporting sales teams in the UK and Ireland. A local sports fan, Tom is dedicated to acquiring advanced technical skills, mastering security tools, and understanding various attack vectors to enhance his professional growth in the IT and cybersecurity field.