Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services by Securafy

Network security should be a top priority for businesses in Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Columbus, and Medina. With the increasing frequency of ransomware attacks, hacks, vulnerabilities, and data theft, protecting your business's network is essential. Securafy is dedicated to providing you with the best network security protection while considering your unique needs and budget.

The Threat Landscape

Hacks & Attacks

Hackers, attackers, and automated web bots are constantly attempting to breach your network and access your sensitive business and customer information. A successful attack can result in data encryption, data theft, or the exposure of confidential information, leading to significant financial losses and damage to your reputation.

Internal Threats

Internal threats, such as employee negligence or malicious intent, pose a significant risk to network security. Securafy's comprehensive network security plan includes educating employees on best practices and implementing measures to mitigate internal vulnerabilities.


If your business handles customer data, private information, or credit card transactions, network security is no longer optional—it's a legal requirement. Compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, SOC, and others is crucial, and Securafy can provide the necessary expertise and solutions to ensure compliance.

How Securafy Can Help


We can evaluate your current network environment to identify vulnerabilities and risks.


We provide a complete assessment of your overall security health, highlighting areas that need improvement.


Implement a comprehensive security plan tailored to your business needs, ensuring a robust and effective security solution.

Free Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Gain insights into your company's cybersecurity risk with our free and confidential Cybersecurity Risk Assessment. Our assessment will reveal:

  • Whether your credentials and private information are being sold on the Dark Web.
  • The effectiveness of your current IT systems in protecting against hackers, cybercriminals, and viruses.
  • The readiness of your backup system to recover from a ransomware attack.
  • Whether your IT systems meet strict compliance requirements for data protection.

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